Roblox Escape The Darkness

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– New map: The Mineshafts
– Reworked Ninja perks
– Map voting system
– Killer Chance rework
– Tons of bug fixes!

🏃Survivors: Hide from the killer, save your teammates, and escape together!
🔪Killer: Kill as many players as you can before they escape or time runs out!

Can you survive? Work with friends and repair the power to Escape! Avoid the Killer and co-operate with friends, or become a killer and do anything it takes to win! With powerful Classes and Perks, level up and create your perfect build to survive the night!

✨ Survive in the world and earn XP!
🕹️ Unlock new Classes and level up!
🎲 Roll for perks and create unique builds!
👹 Play as various unique killers, equipped with special powers!
👻 Uncover the lore behind the darkness!

Crouch – Left Ctrl (B on gamepad)
Attack – Left Mouse (R2 on gamepad)